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A Guide to Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is a union of software, interactively and yet independently combined to fulfill the word processing needs of all kinds of clientele, be it a student, a businessman, an office worker, a housewife or a technical professional from any field. The program was initially introduced during the early 1980s and has since produced the diversified range of versions and products.

It basically provides a very friendly graphics environment to its users in the form of a paper with a vast availability of menus & options to produce, design as well as present and depict numerics and texts, and diversify the documents in countless yet systematic ways.

This product of Microsoft Corporation is today available in 35 languages, with key applications being Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, and Publisher.

Types of Office Versions

Targeted to cater to the computing needs of an endless variety of users, Microsoft has produced Office in various versions since its inception.

These versions exhibit and contain its progress and upgradation in horizontal and vertical directions both. Depending upon the needs & purpose, you can choose from the following:

Desktop version: It can truly be called the most popular and extensively used version for PCs, equally supported by Windows & MacOS operating systems.

Office Online: This version is compatible to be used in a web browser.

Mobile/Cellular Versions: These apps/versions have been specifically developed for Android & iOS.

Office 365

It is the latest promotion of the Microsoft that primarily functions on subscription business model and users are able to receive feature updates timely and regularly until the lifetime of their subscription.

The component of Cloud-computing integration makes this version very unique and interesting. The very product brings together the experiences of creative sharing through best tools by any device.

There are four sub-components to choose from:

Office 365 Home: Supports 5 computer installations as well as 5 tabs/smart phones installations and upto 5 terabytes worth of online cloud storage; (available at yearly subscription)

Office 365 Personal: Provides only one computer installation, one smartphone/tab installation and one terabyte of online cloud storage; (available at yearly subscription).

Office Home & Student: This version comes with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and costs only a one-time charge.

Office 365 Premium: Offers Office 2013 at yearly or monthly subscription plans and allows installations upto 5 PCs.

Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft Office, through all its applications, discussed below in detail, meets the basic purpose of systematically automating & programming the manual office work. Respective domains of each of these applications are being specified below:

1. Microsoft Word basically denotes a word processor with countless tools and commands to support the users create text documents in diversified ways.

2. Microsoft Excel is a worksheet editor that enables the user to produce as well as depict numerics and data spreadsheets.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint is a separate application to prepare slideshows & multimedia presentations for various purposes.

4. Microsoft Access is a database management system to store data as well as to import & export it.

5. Microsoft Outlook combines email, calendar, task manager and address book in order to manage the personal information & data.

6. Microsoft Publisher creates & publishes marketing material such as greeting cards, newsletters, calendars, brochures, business cards, and websites, etc.

7. Microsoft OneNote is a tool to gather & record handwritten & typed notes; initially developed as a stand-alone app, it later became an essential component of Microsoft Office.

Installation Guide

1. If the product you are choosing to install, comes with a product key then before its first-time installation, you need to sign up/sign in with a Microsoft Account and then enter the product key at You just need to do this step for once.

2. Go to and sign in (if not already signed in).

3. Login to the account that you already associated with this version of office.

4. Select Install Office from the homepage and click install.

5. Once office starts downloading, follow the prompts to complete the installation.

(Any issues faced during installation, go to Need Help? & find your query under Account questions.
6. Now choose Run (Internet Explorer or Edge), Setup (Chrome) or Save File (Firefox) to begin the installation. If there appears a prompt window that says Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?, select Yes.

7. You are all set! Office is installed now will appear when the installation is complete successfully.

Activate Office

  1. Go to the Start button at bottom left of your windows screen & type the name of your desired office
    app, e.g Word;
  2. From the search results click the desired icon;
  3. As the app opens, accept the license agreement.
  4. Office is ready & set to use.

Troubleshoot Installing Office

The issues you encounter during installation of any version/product of Office and their solution, depends on the plan your product is a part of, i.e Office-for-Home or the Office-for-Business; remember that Office for Business only authorizes the admins to make certain changes.

As per your specific plan, you will need to go to the most relevant tab and select from the list of common issues and questions and you will promptly find the best solution.

Reinstalling Office

While choosing to reinstall Office at a computer different than the previous one, follow the below steps:
1. Office 2016 offers one-time purchase of Office Home and Student, Office Home and Business, or Office professional and you can install office on one PC or Mac only. However, in case of facing some hardware related issue you have the provision of transferring the Office 2016 or Office 2013 to another computer. Check Microsoft License Terms for more information in this regard.
2. In case of Office 365 subscriptions, you would first need to uninstall it completely from that PC/Mac. Office 365 Home allows Office installations on upto 5 PCs/macs, Office 365 Personal only on 1 PC/Mac while Office 365 University allows installations on upto 2 PCs/Macs. In case of installing Office on more than allowed number of PCs/devices by your subscribed plan would result in unlicensed product errors.
3. In order to reinstall, sign in at with the originally associated account and follow the installation steps.