Office 2016 - Office Setup,

Microsoft Office 2016 is the suite of the productivity applications which includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a successor to the Microsoft Office 2013 used for the Windows and the Office for the Mac 2011.

It allows the greater collaboration when you compare with the previous versions of the Office. The feature of Modern Attachments allows the users to attach the file which is being stored in OneDrive, SharePoint Online or OneDrive for the Business and the set permissions for the record without leaving the Outlook. The users can even share the documents easily and quickly using a “Share” button in a Ribbon in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Word, OneNote 2016 and PowerPoint also support the co-authoring for the documents shared in OneDrive, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for the Business. Another feature is the Smart Lookup that may be used in Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint and use Bing to search for the term by not leaving application. The changes in the PowerPoint include the Designer sidebar which optimizes a layout of the slides, templates in an Excel and the new chart types. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint also include the feature of data loss prevention. Microsoft Office 2016 has the ability to insert the online video in the OneNote.

For the home users of the Microsoft Office 2016, is the best, but those who benefit the best are the medium and the large businesses. The PDF compatibility will help to cut down the cost of the licenses for the other software. The Read Mode helps to improve an overall usability during the reading-heavy periods or in reading-heavy jobs of the time which is easy to adapt and which doesn’t create a lot of overhead.

The features of Microsoft Office 2016

Tell Me

When you’re using Microsoft Office 2016, you can just type anything you want concerning this app. The Tell Me walks you through a process but the feature work like the smart assistant which can understand the queries which are written in words. Additionally, there is the feature named Delve which uses the algorithms which bring together many relevant documents or information in a central place.

Ink Equation

It’s the feature which helps you to insert the equations in the Office built-in applications, for example, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel by writing them by hand. The Ink Equation feature works the best on the tablet PC with a tablet pen.

Better Integration with Skype and OneDrive

OneDrive integration helps you open the Office document anywhere and also from any device that can support it. With this device, you can access all the files and then pick up from where you left from the other device.

Smart Lookup

For you to get the meaning of a particular word in the documents you have, you can use Smart Lookup in Microsoft Word 2016. What is required for the user is to highlight the term you want in your text and then access this feature to get the search result from the internet right into the authoring document. The sidebar usually opens in a right-section of the computer screen with the details about a selected text from different websites like the Wikipedia.